When Plans Fall To Shit…

I am a lady who thrives on plans… I like to-do lists, calendars, schedules.  You catch my drift.  Initially, having a child was just another activity to fit into my schedule of life.  Married – check.  House – check.  Financially stable – check.  Family friendly job – check.  But then the weeks pass; months, years.  Still no baby.

In the beginning, I would nervously joke that my eggs were rotting.  Maybe it would take a little bit longer for us because hyper-responsible me put things off a few extra years so our situation could be “perfect.”  When we finally had some initial fertility testing done this summer, we got the explanation for our lack of spawning success that I had been dreading but not so surprised to hear.

Is there still hope for a biological child? Absolutely!  According to the numerous blogs and message boards I have trolled, “all it takes is one good swimmer and one healthy little egg.”  But our reality is that it will not be easy to conceive naturally.

I am starting this blog as an outlet for the plethora of emotions I have and will continue to experience as someone yearning for a little human to call our own.



One thought on “When Plans Fall To Shit…

  1. You started this blog on my 1 year wedding anniversary. Completely agree with you about the planning. Hoping that you will be successful creating a family either through adoption or naturally.

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