Clomid – Round #1


Choosing to give Clomid a try was not a decision I took lightly.  I was initially against it to be honest, but after doing more research, I felt the possible benefits outweighed the risks.  I scanned loads of blogs and forums and was quite frightened about what I came upon….severe mood swings…..bloating…hot flashes….acne….disrupted periods…arghhhh!!!  Hearing these things made it even scarier to commit to taking this medication.

I myself find it quite easy to wallow in self pity and symptoms when it comes to infertility, but I feel that it is my duty to accurately reflect my experience on Clomid.  I am on day 3 of the medication and will take my fourth dose tonight.  I started on CD3 of my cycle.  So far, I have zero symptoms.  ZERO.  I was prepared for the worst after reading all the “clomid-pocolypse” vignettes, but there is absolutely nothing to report.  I have experienced some bloating, but this is likely in part to the quarter of a bag of chocolate chips I ate for snack today.

I am realistic that negative side effects may await me, but I will do my best to discern what symptoms are related to my typical cycle and what symptoms are actually attributable to clomid.  I guess I just don’t want to be the blogger that scares people away from trying this medication.  In looking at clinical trials of this medication, for most symptoms, only 1% of those taking the drug actually experienced said side effects.  1%!!!  I was shocked as many of the infertility forum individuals mentioned that they had at least one significant side effect while on the med.

Anyhoo, since working on the adoption application, I have been really great at letting go of the obsession of becoming pregnant.  The two week waits have been less consuming and the grief less impactful.  But here I am again….a slave to the two week wait.  I feel nervous at the prospect of so much riding on these next three cycles of clomid, because after this, it is over.  No more interventions.  I am hoping I can keep distracted and not be devastated if this does not work out.

Would love to hear about others’ experiences on clomid…anyone try it and have no significant side effects?  I would love to have a picture of what to expect as my cycle progresses over the next few weeks.

6 thoughts on “Clomid – Round #1

  1. While taking Clomid 50mg for those 5 days, I experienced bloating, hot flashes at night, and acne. For the rest of the month, I had even worse bloating almost daily, acne, and severely sore nipples. I’m starting round 2 next week. Same dose. Hopefully you’ll be one of the lucky ones who doesn’t experience much or anything at all!! Good luck!!


  2. Great minds think alike… I just wrote a post about my Clomid symptoms! As I mention, I had no side effects while actually taking the meds CD3-CD8 (although I have experienced some acne which I chalked up to stress but I’m reconsidering…), but I was extremely surprised about the phantom preggo symptoms (even though a friend had warned me). I found the experience of post-med side effects confusing, but now, going into month three I am better prepared. Having said that, I am still pleased with my decision to take Clomid, as I’ve had two ultrasounds so far confirming it is working very well for me.


    • What a terrible trick!!! I’m already so hypervigilent during the two week wait, I imagine phantom pregnancy symptoms are horrible. Thanks for sharing – I will be sure not to get ahead of myself now with that heads up!


  3. I am about to start my third round of Clomid. I have done 100, 150 and now onto 200. I was moody and had headaches on 100 then when I was bumped up to 150 I switched to taking it at night and had no side effects at all. We will see what 200 brings when I start that this week. I am sticking to taking it at night! Good luck 🙂


  4. Thanks so much to each of you for sharing your experiences with Clomid. I am definitely curious to see how the rest of my cycle progresses. Best of luck to each of you!


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