Clomid Cycle 1

I am now on Day 14 of my very first Clomid cycle.  I want to be as objective as possible about how I’m feeling but it can be difficult to tease out my regular cycle symptoms from the clomid side effects.  Overall, I think I have fared well compared to some of the horror stories I’ve read online.  No hot flashes, just the regular amount of acne, and no change in the frequency or intensity of the headaches I experience.  My knees tend to hurt when the weather changes but I’ve noticed that my knee joints have been aching more than usual all week.  I’m unsure if this is attributable to Clomid or not.

In regards to emotional side effects, I don’t think I can blame how I’m feeling solely on Clomid.  I did have a very ugly cry last night after receiving a baby shower invite from my brother-in-law’s sister (Of note, I’ve only met her three times)!  Being so focused on trying to become pregnant this cycle after essentially giving up since last fall has been incredibly challenging.  Between Pampers commercials, the invite, and pregnancy announcements, I feel so hypersensitive to anything baby related.  I am trying to have realistic expectations about the likelihood of Clomid being the magic factor to becoming pregnant, but I can’t help but to feel excessively hopeful/desperate for this to work.  The thought of going through this again for another couple of months if this cycle does not work hurts my heart. I cannot even imagine what it is like for the women who wait for results after IUI or IVF.

I’ve been spending much more time the past few weeks following new infertility and adoption related blogs and I feel more validated than ever.  There are so many people out there experiencing infertility and it brings me comfort to know that I’m not alone.  It gives me so much hope to see pregnancy announcement postings from folks who have dealt with years of infertility.  I hope I have the opportunity to post about a successful pregnancy or adoption one day.

I would be curious to hear from others who have tried Clomid… did the “pressure” of trying to conceive feel different?  What did it feel like to try a second or third cycle of Clomid?


3 thoughts on “Clomid Cycle 1

  1. Sista, Sista! You and I are in the VERY same boat girlfriend! I just completed my first round of Clomid and I had a lot of the same effects you mentioned. I had hot flashes like I was in a sauna, body aches all over, it was just intense. I made it through though, just like you! My brother-in-law’s wife is pregnant (doesn’t help that I can’t tolerate her) and I just know that if this round of Clomid isn’t successful (or the next one at least), and I get her damn shower invite, I’m going to set something on FIRE! Ok, more like cry hysterically. I have noticed that I too am incredibly hopeful/optimistic for this round. Even if it doesn’t end the way I want, just having a positive outlook on this experience makes an incredible difference for our mental and emotional health. I think you being “excessively hopeful” is a good thing. It doesn’t mean that you aren’t be cautious of the alternative realty, but focusing on the brighter side sometimes help. Looking forward to following your journey! xo

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  2. I’ve commented before about my experience with Clomid — I know it is working (even I can spot the dinosaur egg follicles during my ultrasounds!), but I am not yet pregnant. I just started my third cycle if it yesterday (and have switched to taking it at night per another commenter’s suggestion) and I would say that it’s really no different than the other two times I’ve taken it. The pressure is certainly on for this to be THE month, but along with my husband and our doctor, I agreed to follow-through with our treatment plan (Clomid + IUI) for four cycles (my doctor noted that the chances of IUI succeeding drops after the 4th round). Since last month I missed the IUI (but did take Clomid), this will be cycle two technically. Two is a charm?

    Good luck this month! I definitely hear you on the emotional toll – it can be very difficult. Keep blogging through it and we’ll all be here for support!

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  3. For me, I remember cycles 1 and 2 of Clomid being pretty low pressure. In fact, I felt like we finally had a real chance at getting pregnant. I was so much more hopeful than when we were without treatment of any kind.

    The third round was a different story. Our plan was to stop after three rounds, and so every moment of every day felt intense.

    I didn’t really notice the side effects of Clomid until I had actually been off of it for about a month. Once I started to feel like my normal self again, only then did I realize how off kilter I had been while on the medication. But I don’t regret it a bit. The hot flashes, the cloudy thinking, the slight weight gain…. they were all milestones in this journey we’re on.

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