And the years go by…


Yesterday marked one year of officially waiting on our domestic adoption list. In many ways, the year flew by, but in other ways, it was the longest year of my life.  Our agency’s placement statistics for this past year were down yet again.  Our reality is that fewer and fewer birth parents are choosing adoption as an option for unplanned pregnancy.  When we started the process of getting on the wait list a year and a half ago, we naively thought it would be maybe 18 months for us to be placed.  Now we know we need to expect a three year wait.  At minimum.  Pregnancy announcements continue to fly around me.  Life goes on.

We are curious as to our status on the list but are intentionally waiting to contact our agency to find out.  Why?  Because every year, they require us to update our home study.  This means another big pay out.  And truly, not a single thing has changed for us aside from the fact that we have another little nephew or niece on the way.  Shelling out hundreds of dollars for them to document that single change makes me feel resentful.  But this is our process and we have resigned ourselves to doing exactly what we are told to do to make our dream come true.

Here’s to a fulfilling, hopeful, and lightening speed year two on the wait list.


2 thoughts on “And the years go by…

  1. Oh god that’s total crap to deal with! We are ending year one on our international adoption from Ethiopia, and while there are MILLIONS of orphans there and they’re going through their biggest draught in 50 years, because of the violence there right now the paperwork is expected to take even longer – and in the meantime kids fall through the cracks. Ugh. I hear ya.


  2. The waiting and the waiting and the waiting. There are so many seasons to the wait – the hopeful, the desperate, the obsessive. Here’s hoping you make it through the months will life and limbs intact. 🙂

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