We have not checked into our status on the domestic adoption wait list since the end of August.  When we found out how little the list had shifted, we felt quite sad.  It reminded us that our wait will be a long one.  I stopped working on the little one’s room for some time after that.  The door was closed.  Thinking of how long it would be until the room was needed made my heart hurt.

Now that it has been over one year since we were officially approved as adoptive parents and added to the list, we decided we would check into our status once more.  Again, not a huge shift which was expected based on the declining placement statistics posted by our agency at year end.  We started at 147, moved to 132 by August, and now sit at 110.  If we take in to account those who have placed themselves on hold or have been recently matched, we are 83.  A long ways to go….or is it?

The most interesting part of information released in our status check was the fact that our profile was shown once last year.  WHAT???!!!  This news was completely unexpected.  We figured we were still  months or possibly years from even making it to the point on the list where our profile would be shown.  When I read this in the email I immediately called my hubby.

I suppose some might react with sadness that they were not selected but both hubby and I felt absolutely reinvigorated with hope.  Our profile was actually shown.  A birthparent had our book in her hands.  She read our words.  She looked at our photos.  She contemplated whether we could be the ones to be gifted with her child.  The reality of that reminds me that although most days feel like we are lightyears away from our “gotcha day” it truly could come at any moment.  It’s ok that we were not chosen.  We were not the right match for her and I respect that with all my being.  But we will be picked.

We celebrated this exciting information by purchasing a car seat this weekend.  We had been holding off due to expiry dates, but the brand we chose does not expire for 7 years.  I know without an ounce of doubt that we will have a sweet baby in our arms long before that.  We also signed up for the adoptive parent class we had been putting off in fear we would forget everything we learned before a match comes.  And we are updating our profile book with new pictures including our almost finished nursery.

Hope.  Loads of it.


One thought on “Surprises

  1. You know it’s funny, I don’t know if it’s more or less stressful to know where you are on the list, right? With our international adoption 9 months into the process and in that fateful “wait forever” mode as well, we don’t get updates. We know the average is 12-18 months just to get the referral (who the kiddo is) to accept, then the feds do another 3-4 month check before we can travel. But they’ve mysteriously said “we might be able to work our magic” and get it done faster….but no idea what the holdup is, how many families we are dealing with who are also in our situation, etc. It’s radio silence until the referral. So for us we are trying to just ignore it and obsess on other things. But about once a month one of us comes home with a book for the future kiddo… 🙂


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