Now What?


I’m running out of crafts.  I am thrilled with how our nursery has come together and am so proud that I was able to make or makeover a good chunk of the items.  But just about everything I’ve meticulously saved on Pinterest for the past two years can be checked off as “complete.”  As excited as I am to be done, there’s another huge part of me that feels sad to think of this room sitting empty for potentially years to come.  These projects gave me hope.  They reminded me that our empty arms will be filled if we can embrace uncertainty and have courage and faith.

Today I submitted an updated version of our Profile Book to our Adoption Agency to include pictures of our nursery.  I am hopeful it may help a potential Birth Parent to envision their child’s life should we be selected as adoptive parents.  Until then, I’ll need to ease off of the kid related Pinterest posts and search for some other craft projects to keep me busy.




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