Divine Intervention…

I felt like Jekyll and Hyde yesterday….thrilled about the prospect of not one but two little nieces or nephews coming our way in 2017 while also feeling pretty sorry for myself.

Today, our adoption agency called us for a consult on whether or not we were open to having our file shown to a potential birth mother.  Well, that’s one way of taking my mind off of our empty arms!

The situation is complex but we ultimately decided that we want to be contenders.  We are likely just one of five to ten files that will be shown to this birth mother next week, and with her due date four months away, plenty can happen.  That being said, the universe kindly gave me a reminder that we are on the right track and our time will come.

Now comes the hard part of trying to manage my expectations and my hope.  Thankfully the social worker said she would check in next week with an update.

Emotion whirlwind!!


4 thoughts on “Divine Intervention…

  1. Best of luck during these jittery days! I love the timing of your call. It is truly an affirmation. One of these days, the call will be THE ONE. Remember every moment of this experience!

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