Feeling Ready…

On Wednesday, I returned home from three weeks in India.  This trip was such a privilege. I was sad to leave hubby behind as he had to work, but his selflessness in encouraging me to go was such a pivotal point in our relationship.  I love that we share so much together but do not hesitate to support one another in pursuing our individual dreams.  I will try to extend the same kindness to him in his future endeavours without me!

I truly have been blessed when it comes to bucket list travel with trips to both India and Africa this year.  Travel always makes me that much more grateful for my own home and country.  I sometimes take for granted the health, freedom, and opportunity that Canada affords me.

I promptly opened us back up to instant placements when I arrived home and did our obligatory status check in.  We sit at #59 but with 18 families currently on hold, we are #41.  2017 has to be our year!

I had the opportunity to visit the Jagatpita Brahma Temple in Pushkar while in India.  I learned that this was one of the only Brahma temples in the world and considered to be a very sacred space by many Hindu people. It is said that praying at this temple helps to remove obstacles from life.  Our guide walked us through making an offering and encouraged us to pray for our most important wish.  You can guess what I wished for…

Pregnancies swirl all around me as per usual.  I was grateful to have a valid excuse to opt out of two baby showers that happened while I was away only to return to have invites to two more.  My brother’s wife is due in two weeks and my sister is due early May. Our close friends announced their second pregnancy yesterday (on their first month of trying).  Those old feelings of jealousy still taint what should be happy times.

I have no more epic adventures planned and for the first time since booking Africa last October 2015, I truly feel ready to be a mother.  There are no nagging feelings of “missing out.”  I feel ready to start squirrelling away some of my vacation days and making a more concentrated effort to save money for parental leave now that I’ve crossed two very epic adventures off of my life list.

I hope the universe feels this readiness.  I never know or understand what the plan seems to be for me, but I am open.


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