My brother’s sweet little baby boy was born two weeks ago.  It is surreal seeing my brother as a father.  I still think of him as a kid himself (he’s 28).  He is so incredibly proud and him and his wife seem to be taking to parenthood with very little fuss.  They do not have a ton of money, so hubby and I offered to try and use our pinterest skills to do a newborn photoshoot.  The pictures turned out really well and it was a wonderful opportunity to spend some special time with our new nephew.  My husband’s brother has four kids, so I’ve been lucky to be an auntie for years, but this newest nephew is the first little one on my side of the family.  There is something special about knowing some of my DNA is mixed in with his.

Now that my brother’s little one has arrived, we have started the countdown for my sister to deliver.  Although she is due at the end of this month, she has been having lots of contractions and the doctors feel it could be any day.  Truly, all my family can talk about these days, and understandably so, is babies!

With the pregnancies on my side of the family, I have been more comfortable to ask the questions that aren’t always appropriate.  My brother kindly obliged and took some photos of the placenta for me.  I am blessed to be invited to the delivery room with my sister.  These births are giving me some of the inside scoop I might not otherwise have as someone who experiences infertility.

When people who know about our adoption wait ask about my brother and sister’s little ones they often offer us platitudes about like “your turn will be soon.”  As much as they mean for this to be comforting, it seems to have the opposite effect.  Being surrounded by babies that are not mine makes our turn feel further away then ever.

It’s been a wild few weeks.  I feel proud to be an auntie and feel like I am getting better and better at coping with pregnancy announcements and infants.  Only minimal tears these last few weeks which is better than usual!

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