Blog Boldness

Not much happening in our world these days, hence my scarcity in posting.  We did our yearly home study update recently.  Placements are low at our agency.  The wait crawls on!

Our agency has been much more active on social media as of late.  They initiated a guest blog a few months back and I have loved reading the contributions of birth parents, adoptive families, staff, etc.  I felt inspired to share our experience and contributed a post that was published on their website last week.  Due to strict adoption laws in my province, the blog was posted anonymously as we have to be very careful to not “advertise” that we are prospective adoptive parents.  That being said, I boldly directed some close family and friends to check out the post.  This was HUGE for us as there were loads and loads of feelings described along with a synopsis of our experience to date of being waiting parents.  It very much felt like sharing a diary entry with my world!

As vulnerable as I felt that day, the response received was overwhelmingly supportive and encouraging.  Most powerfully, my in-laws acknowledged that they truly had no idea how difficult this process had been for us until reading the post.  This statement of empathy and validation from them was invaluable to me.  If only all of these folks knew I have almost three years of infertility blogging hidden in the depths of the internet!


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